After a gazillion attempts, on both my part and Mandy Price’s part to meet up, we finally made it happen today! I was able to bless the Price Family with the monetary donation of $750.00, in addition to a “Go Gold” Kit and a yellow ShadowSense. These products will help her create a waterproof/long lasting childhood cancer symbol on the Price familiy’s arms and faces during Mandy’s races Our visit was a short, but sweet encounter. We greeted each other with a hug and embarrassingly I wept as Mandy remained strong. I was just filled and overwhelmed with so many emotions for her and her family, who left behind the most precious baby girl ever Thank you to EVERYONE who supported my fundraiser in honor of Rowan. Without your love and support this donation would NOT have been possible We cannot possibly save the world, but every act of kindness creates hope to those who are hurting. Let’s ban together and continue praying for the struggling, battling, and passing of those due to cancer. @senegenceinternational #bw5lipsense 👧💪🏼💛 #rowanstrong #childhoodcancer #leukemia #support #cancersucks #goforgold #goldisthenewpink #makeup #serveoneanother #showkindness #helpothers #goals #lipboss #lipsensedistributor #senegence