My two cents on Little Women's trailer : --- Timothée is irresistible, Saoirse gives justice to the audacity and independence of that already modern woman, Jo, everything is esthetically superb, the costumes are so stylish and elegant, oh, and what a cast!😍 The story is still so efficient and engaging, Jo is that role model for little girls, but why did she refuse Laurie's marriage proposal? How heartbreaking for our little hearts! --- BUT --- I thought that Greta would give something more daring, more personal, to this a thousand times already made adaptation. Instead, the trailer gives me the feeling of a very conventional and crowd-pleasing movie. But then, it's only a trailer, and sometimes, that doesn't mean that much. Not to forget that, Timmy, as Laurie, is charmful. The whole earth will fall in love with him! 😍 --- #timotheechalamet #saoirseronan #florencepugh #gretagerwig #littlewomen #lauradern #merylstreep #timothéechalamet